M&M Building Profile

Stats:  McClintic-Marshall, more commonly known as M&M, houses 280 first-year students, who all reside in doubles.  The H-shaped building has three co-ed floors, each split into two single-gender wings.  Each floor has four Gryphons, two per wing, with one Head Gryphon for the building.

In the bedrooms, each resident is provided with a desk with bookshelf, desk chair, bed, closet with drawers, and a medicine cabinet with mirror. Check out floor plans here!

The sister area of M&M is Drinker House, a sophomore residence hall.

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Building Profile: (by Katie Johnston, Class of 2012)

The People

Thanks to the building’s layout — three floors with two symmetrical wings — the McClintic-Marshall House, warmly called “M&M”, is known year after year for the communities formed both within each hall and between each floor. Throughout the year, the students, along with their Gryphons and their Assistant Director, form what they call the M&M bond, one that is strong even until their graduation days. Within that bond, though, friendly floor and hall competitions break out in events like flag football games and holiday decoration contests. Co-ed by hall, each M&M wing tests each other: who has the best hall? Despite the division, though, everybody knows that M&M is the best place to live on campus.

The Atmosphere/The Rooms

Although it is one of the largest first-year halls, M&M still creates the warm neighborly atmosphere, as students meet new people all year round in the common spaces shared by the building: floor lounges, a freshly renovated game room and kitchen area in the basement, and a large laundry room facility. The floor lounges provide central gathering spots for all M&M-ers, making them perfect for study group meeting locations or for gathering with friends in front of the TVs for the newest episode of your favorite show. In the warm months, the lawn in front of M&M becomes a retreat in the sun, with students studying while getting a tan. There is always activity happening inside and outside M&M at all times of the day!

Students often find that their rooms are a perfect alternative for some quiet time. Each roommate (two residents per room) has a wardrobe closet installation and built-in shelving that make up for the small floor space in storage, and the large windows bring in plenty of sunlight from the campus. However, M&M-ers often don’t feel confined to their desks, thanks to the installed wireless internet connections. The bathroom facilities are shared by hall members and are cleaned and stocked each week by the janitorial staff.


M&M’s prime location is a middle ground for all perks on campus. M&M students have a central location for reaching main dining locations on campus — M&M-ers can always find great food at any time in a short walk at places like the Hawk’s Nest in Lamberton or the Rathbone Dining Hall. Also, the building is not too much of a hike up the hill, so students can easily visit their rooms between classes. However, this hall is still a great starting point if students want to walk up the rest of South Mountain. A great advantage, too, is that classrooms are always down the hill, making it so much easier to wake up for those 8am classes!

Check out the Lower Cents Building Profile for more general tips about living in first year residence halls!


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