Dravo Building Profile

Stats:  Dravo House is home to 258 first-year students. This co-ed five-story building is comprised of single-gender halls of double and single rooms, with a few triples.  There is a Gryphon on each hall and one Head Gryphon for the building.

All the rooms contain movable furniture and provide a bed, desk with desktop bookshelf, and desk chair for each student. Single and double rooms have one closet with drawers and shelves. Triples have an additional closet, dresser, and/or wardrobe.  Check out floor plans here!

Dravo House is the home of the first-year CHOICE Community, which promotes a healthy learning and living environment.  The sister area of Dravo is Richards House, another first-year residence hall.

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Building Profile: (by Louise McCallie)

Dravo may be at the top of the mountain, but I think students would agree it’s one of the most gorgeous dorms. It tops the campus with elegance, it’s the capstone of tours and brochures – but it’s also a great place to live.

The People/The Community:
I lived in Dravo this past year, and one of my favorite things was that there was always something going on. Whether you’re in the mood for ping-pong or going out, you can find someone to join you. Dravo students have a healthy mix interests; as the home of the first-year CHOICE community (substance-free living), there are always a wide variety of programs and entertainment options available in the building for . For example, this year I attended programs about healthy eating, campus safety, and scheduling; I joined a great group of first years for a “girls’ night in”; and I learned how to make mozzarella! Talk about excitement.

However, if all this excitement gets to be a bit too much for you, Dravo is well-supplied with study rooms and niches. Lounges on the ground, first, and second floors are tasteful, clean, and great places to grab a little peace and quiet.

Dravo’s Gryphons are a team of students that any first year would love to have on her side. In addition to organizing diverse program options, they serve as a helping hand and a friend whenever college starts getting a little too overwhelming. I never felt silly or stupid asking a Gryphon for help.


First years in Dravo often find they’ve gotten some of the best housing available. The rooms are relatively spacious (exact measurements can be found online) and come equipped with two beds, two desks, and a closet with a shoe rack and shelving. Beds can also be bunked, if you go to Residential Services to get bunking pins. Singles only have furniture for one person, while triples will have extra furniture and storage space.

Other facilities available in Dravo include a laundry facility, kitchen, vending area, and lounges. Halls and bathrooms are cleaned daily, and students generally keep the common spaces neat. Dravo’s lobby has easy access to important phone numbers (Gryphon-on-duty, etc.), and the door of the Assistant Director of Residential Life is frequently open if you have questions or concerns.


Dravo is located halfway between the two main dining halls on campus, and Hawk’s Nest (a popular spot for late-night snacks and entertainment) is at the foot of the hill. Linderman Library is just a short walk away, along with Access Control (in case you get locked out of your bedroom during the day—Gryphons can help you with lockouts after 8pm) and many of the academic buildings.


  • Command strips! But if it’s humid, they won’t stick as well.
  • Fan (no AC in Dravo)
  • A printer is good, but not required (discuss with your roommate beforehand)
  • Floor rug
  • Sturdy storage
  • The microfridge is a good option (you don’t have to lug a mini-fridge from home, PLUS you can use a microwave!)
  • Comfy shoes are a must!
  • Flip-flops for the shower are another important item


17 thoughts on “Dravo Building Profile

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    • Hi Laura! That’s a great question, but unfortunately, I’m not able to give you a specific answer. Closet shapes and sizes differ depending on the room you are in, based on factors including whether the room is a single, double, or triple, as well as other structural differences such as where in the bedroom the closet is located. If you call Residential Services with your specific room number, they may be able to give you a more concrete answer.

      • Thanks for responding. I already called res. services–they were less help than the online diagram. The room is a double, closet is on the left side of the room, closest to the entrance door. I also wondered about desk dimensions. I know it’s a million questions, but I’ll be travelling over 800 miles, so going home for stuff on the weekend is not an option for me.

      • No worries! I totally understand. I don’t have the exact dimensions, but hopefully this photo will help. I actually lived in Dravo and have some photos… This is the desk: http://tinypic.com/r/opwm5d/6. While I don’t have measurements, hopefully you can judge based on the image how much room you’ll have. I suggest bringing a desk lamp, as it’s nice to have the extra lighting and the lamp doesn’t come with the room. The closet… this is an awful photo, but you don’t really think much about taking photos of closets: http://tinypic.com/r/35lbxvr/6. I did live in a double, so it should be somewhat similar to this. As you can see, there’s some room to hang clothes on each side. There are also wire shelves, and a lower hanging section under the shelves. My suggestions is typically to fold shirts and pants and only hang things you have to hang like dresses and skirts.

  2. Does Lehigh allow nails on the wall? Because I plan on putting up a dry erase board so how would I go about doing this if Lehigh doesnt allow nails?

    • You are not allowed to put nails in the walls of any residence hall. You can find different removable products for hanging items in your room that do not damage the walls. I know I use 3M Command strips in my room.

  3. In response to the picture of the desk, are the drawers to the left of the desk (with what appears to be a scanner or a laptop on top) included? Also, in addition to the closet space, did you find other storage options such as under the bed containers helpful/necessary? Thank you!

    • Hi Kristiana! The drawers do come with the room. They’re short enough to fit comfortably under the desk, but also serve well as bedside tables. As for the closet space, it really depends on how much you bring. If you have a roommate and are in a room where you’ll be sharing a closet, it’s a good idea to pack your clothes in a storage container that you could keep under your bed if necessary. With that said, I know many people who have lived in doubles and shared a closet without needing any extra space.

      • Now the “closet with drawers” description makes perfect sense! Now I won’t need to drag a bedside table to Lehigh. I am in a double, which means only one closet, correct? One other question: how do you elevate the bed position? Does this require bringing any extra materials? Not trying to make a loft, but just adding some extra space for underneath storage as shown on the room layout PDFs (http://www4.lehigh.edu/Media/Website%20Resources/PDF/housing/dravo-double.pdf). Thank you so much for the prompt and helpful response!

      • I think the “closet with drawers” actually refers to the drawers in the closet. I think the bedside table/little drawers are considered to be part of the desk. And yes, the vast majority of doubles have only one closet. You can confirm that by looking at your room on the building floor plan. And raising your bed is rather simple. The bed is three pieces–two wooden pieces that act as a headboard and foot board, and a metal piece that acts as your “box spring”. The metal piece has hooks on each side that fit into grooves in the wooden sides. It can be difficult to get the metal out of the grooves sometimes, so a hammer might help, but it’s not necessary.

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