Richards Building Profile

Stats: Richards House, a first-year residence hall, houses 143 first-year students.  The co-ed building has four single-gender floors where residents live in singles and doubles.  There is a Gryphon on each floor and one Head Gryphon for the building.

All the rooms contain movable furniture, including a bed, desk with desktop bookshelf, desk chair, dresser, and closet or wardrobe for each resident. Check out floor plans here!

The sister area of Richards is Dravo House, another first-year residence hall.

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Building Profile: (By Nicole Schwartz, Class of 2013)

The People

Because Richards is one of the smallest first year residence halls, all the residents get to know each other very well and create a close-knit community. A lot of the people you meet on your hall will become your best friends for the rest of your years at Lehigh. During my first year in Richards, I was the Resident Hall Council (RHC) President. I, along with other RHC members, made sure that we planned a ton of fun programs to get all the residents together. Our Richards RHC group was very successful and we were able to create a warm and comfortable atmosphere for everyone to experience. As a house event, a bunch of people came together to watch The Office every week while snacking on popcorn and sipping soda. We also threw a Halloween party in the TV lounge, and a big Super Bowl celebration with wings and pizza. Everyone enjoyed these programs and it really brought everyone together and made our first year experience wonderful!

The Atmosphere/ The Rooms

Richards has always been known and will always be known as the residence hall with the best rooms. It has the most spacious and luxurious rooms with great views of Lehigh and South Bethlehem. Each room comes equipped with a bed, desk, dresser, and drawers. However, I would definitely suggest buying some organizational items to store your items, like extra shelving units, and also a fan because it can get hot in the summer. Since the rooms are big, residents have plenty of space to store these additional items. There is also a lot of wall space to hang a tapestry or post pictures and posters to add some personality to the room. There is a huge poster sale at the beginning of school where students can find an endless amount of decorations for their rooms at a low cost.

Richards also has a large and beautiful lobby with two lounges on each side. The lounge on the left is the study area where residents hang out with their laptops and do homework using the wireless internet. The lounge on the right is the TV lounge equipped with multiple couches and a flat screen TV where everyone gets together to relax. The laundry room is also on the first floor of the building, which gives residents easy access to clean their clothes. The room is very large and contains numerous washers and dryers for everyone to share and use. Make sure to load up your Gold Plus account, which is the easiest way to pay for laundry.


Most all of the first-year residence halls are located at the top of the mountain, and Richards is up there in the “quad,” which is comprised of Richards, Dravo, and Drinker. Luckily, Richards has the least amount of stairs to climb out of the three and also has a spacious green lawn to throw about a frisbee during the summer and to play in the snow in the winter. This residence hall is perfectly located to fulfill your late night munchies at Hawk’s Nest, and early morning dining at Rathbone. For the quickest route to Rathbone, you must climb the infamous “Death Stairs.” Each stair is approximately 11 inches tall (yes, I measured them during my first year), but you will have the glutes of a Greek God in no time! Richards is also very close to Taylor gym, a quick walk away from the Health Center and The University Center (UC).


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