Assistant Director Spotlight: Brandon Morris

Area: Centennials

Hometown: Dover, DE

Undergraduate institution (and major): University of Delaware (Sociology & Criminal Justice)

Graduate institution (and program): University of Delaware (Counseling in Higher Education)

Organizations I was/am involved in: Student Support Services Program, Summer Enrichment Program, & Black Student Union

Dream vacation: Island hopping in the Caribbean

Favorite food: Tacos

Favorite thing about Bethlehem: The culture and the many eateries that reflect the different cultures in the area. I can literally find a restaurant and try any food I would want living in Bethlehem.

What I do in my free time: Explore the Lehigh Valley. I like to check out the many different events and places in the Valley. So many festivals and things are always going on.

Fun fact: I host a radio show on the campus radio station.

One thing you want to tell the residents of your area:  Brandon is starting his 3rd  year at Lehigh.  He’s the assistant director overseeing the Centennial buildings.  He lives in Palmer.  Brandon has office hours in Palmer House.  You can reach him at or (610) 758 2559.


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