Lehigh Legends

Why does Chandler-Ullmann have so many chimneys? Why is it such a confusing building? Why did the third floor of Williams really blow up? I – and I alone – have cracked the mysterious mystery of the Lehigh Dragon. Well, I guess that’s it. It was a dragon. What else do you want to know? It had blue feathers. Yeah, dragons have feathers – they’re birds. But due to the shape of its throat, it could only speak German. So Frederich Hans Chandler-Ullmann trained it to cook the food for Jackson Monroe Rathbone, owner of the first Füd Wagun. Everything was overdone and dry. Lawrence Harold Cort opted for a more conventional oven. Eventually, the dragon died. Thus, Wing Wednesday was born. And now you know. And knowing is half the battle. The other half takes careful planning and execution to infiltrate the enemy base. And half of life is showing up. Moral of this story? Lehigh is what you make it. Write your own adventure because, in the end, you’ll leave this truly magical place and you don’t want it to just fade into the black reaches of your memory. So do something big, because when Lehigh gets a part of you, you’ll always have a part of Lehigh.

Andrew “The Dragon” Josephson, Class of 2013, is currently serving as the Head Gryphon of Dravo.  When he isn’t writing great advice based on Lehigh lore, he is working on his degree in Biochemistry.  Andy intends to go on to medical school and save the world.


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