Building Profile: Dravo by Andrew Josephson, Class of 2013

Dravo House is the immense stone building that towers over its neighbors Richards and Drinker. Not only is it the tallest freshman dormitory, it also has the claim-to-fame of being the highest dormitory in the Northeast. (Someone told me that once, and I’m going to choose to believe it.) Many Lehigh students will agree that Dravo is the second-most confusing building on campus. (Chander-Ullmann is number one.) I’ll explain it: there are four wings (A through D) – the B-Wing is a half-flight of stairs up from everything else. And A, C, and D top out a four floors while B has a fifth floor. And A-Wing has a ground floor that is a lounge. Also, C-Wing has a residential ground floor. Oh, and there’s a cool lounge on B2, but the entrance is on the B-C-D Stairwell.

Each room is pretty unique as far as its shape too. You’ll find strange formations if you look at the walls where bricks have been filled in. The building has been changed many times since it was built in 1947, seemingly to be made more confusing. Look, if you think of it as a magical castle on top of a mountain (or, for the dramatic, a volcano) then it becomes a place of adventure and experience. You may get lost or befuddled by a corridor, but use that as an opportunity to meet people who aren’t on your hall. You may find something you didn’t even know you were looking for.

Extra: Room Floor-plans 





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