Community Development & Programming by Marissa Galante

The Office of Residence Life has initiated a new programming model for Gryphons and Head Gryphons that will take effect this fall. The main goal of the ORL is to build relationships in residential communities providing a safe and secure environment for students to engage with their peers and develop. Although you may have never attended a Gryphon program, due to a crazy schedule, exams, extracurricular activities, campus events, the topic, etc.,…… it is not too late.

What if I told you that you now have a say in the planning process.

The new programming model actively involves each resident in his or her community. Through one- on one- meetings with Gryphons, you will now have a say in how you want to shape your Lehigh experience.

Here is an outline and brief summary of the new Gryphon programming model:

Before: Gryphons planned three programs per semester with each fitting a Dean of Students Core Competency. Gryphons picked the topics for these events. Unfortunately, students were not coming to the programs initiated and executed by Gryphons. This is due to Gryphons speaking at students rather than forging relationships in their resident halls.

So what now?  Although the traditional core competency model did not work, the Office of Residence Life found having dinner with residents and going to events planned by other offices worked better. Gryphons will be now be planning Dinners and Coffee Talks that revolve around the interests within their residential community. The main goal for Gryphons is to engage residents in the planning process. Gryphons will be planning two Community Dinners and two Coffee Talks throughout each semester.

Community Dinners: Dinners will be organized in the residence halls and feature one guest speaker. The speaker can be a faculty or staff member of the communities choosing.  Food served at the dinner will be from a business within the South Bethlehem Community. You may see meals from Sals, La Lupita, Asian Bistro, you name it!

Coffee Talks: The talks will occur late at night and ask a guest (faculty or staff member) to speak of a passion or area of interest, about their lives, etc. Great way to gain further knowledge about your own interests! There will also be coffee and snacks 

How does this involve you?  It is important to let your Gryphons know what your interests are and what events you would like to see in your community. In your one-on-one Gryphon conversations, tell your Gryphon exactly whom you would like to see and speak with at the Community Dinners or Coffee Talks. 

When? Stay posted this year! There will be a lot of great speakers and new events coming your way. Remember, there will be 2 Community Dinners and 2 Coffee Talks to attend so it’s not too late to start getting involved in your community and getting to know your Gryphon staff.

  • Community dinners will take place during September, November, January, and March.
  • The Community Coffee Talks will occur in October, December, February, and April.

So what do you think? Who would you like to have Community Dinners or Coffee Talks with this year? Feel free to leave a comment and provide any feedback. 



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