September Gryphons of the Month!

Lehigh’s Office of Residence Life has started a new program to acknowledge the hard work of our gryphons- the Gryphon of the Month program!  Each month, we will accept nominations from gryphons who nominate their fellow gryphons for their hard work.  There is one Gryphon of the Month in an Upperclassmen Area and one in a First Year Area.  This month, our two well deserving gryphons are Josh Rosen and Anna D’Ginto!  Here’s a little more about each of them and why they were nominated:

Josh was nominated for many reasons including “because he bakes me stuff and is my friend … he is a great leader and someone I would follow.”

Name: Joshua Rosen
Class year: Graduated from Lehigh in 2013, graduating again from Lehigh in 2014
Major: BS in Mechanical Engineering, anticipated MS in Manufacturing Systems Engineering
Gryphon Area: Head Gryphon of Trembley Park
Why I became a Gryphon: Someone I trusted told me I would be good at it. I didn’t believe them but applied anyways to make them stop bothering me about it. Me listening to them has turned out to be one of the best decisions I have made at Lehigh
Favorite part of gryphoning: Helping new gryphons find their strengths. Also surprising people with baked goods.
Anna was also nominated for many great attributes including “Anna does not only do her best to help her residents grow and have a rewarding freshman year, but she also does her best to help the Gryphon staff.”
Name: Anna D’Ginto
Class Year: Sophomore (Class of 2016)
Major: Political Science and Economics double major
Gryphon Area: Upper Cents-Emery House
Why I became a Gryphon: I became a gryphon because I wanted to have the opportunity to make a difference in the experiences of first-year students. I made some of my closest friends on my first year hall, and I credit this to the strong sense of community that my Gryphon fostered. In turn, I wanted to create a close knit, inclusive community. I hope that my residents will look back fondly on their first year at Lehigh and remember the strong bonds they formed in Emery. Additionally, I enjoy programming and planning hall activities, so I knew the Gryphon role would be a great fit for me.
Favorite part of gryphoning: Unsurprisingly, I absolutely love gryphoning! My favorite part has been getting to know my residents and learning about their backgrounds, goals, and personalities. Each resident has unique skills and knowledge to offer, and it’s been fun exploring the diversity of the hall. Additionally, I have really enjoyed getting to know all of the members of my staff (shout out to Cents!) and everyone in the Gryphon society.

Congratulations Anna and Josh and keep up the great work as Lehigh Gryphons!