The Rivalry

If you go to Lehigh, one thing everyone has in common is their desire to beat Lafayette in football, in the Giving Challenge, in pretty much anything where we can compete against Lafayette.  The Rivalry has been played since 1884, beginning only one year after standardized football rules were established.  Lehigh-Lafayette is the most played college football rivalry in the nation, meeting for the 149th time this year.  The game alternates location between Lehigh and Lafayette each year, with Lehigh hosting this year.  The game was played in a neutral spot only once in 1891 when they played in Wilkes-Barre until next year when the 150th game will be played at Yankee Stadium!

The week leading up to Lehigh-Lafayette is Spirit Week with tons of school spirit events happening during the week.  The Turkey Trot, Bed Races, and the Rally are all Spirit Week traditions.  Gryphons shared some of their favorite Lehigh-Laf week memories:

My favorite Lehigh-Laf memory is when we stormed the field after our epic overtime victory in 2009! ~Rosie ‘13

One of my most fun Lehigh-Laf memories is having the Marching 97 come into my freshman seminar class and begin playing! Class was automatically put on hold and the professor acted like it was completely normal – clearly a shock to all of the first year students! There was so much Lehigh spirit and I loved it!   ~Alex ‘14

I went crowd surfing at Lehigh Lafapalooza where Reel Big Fish was the main performer!  Almost lost a shoe but ultimately made a safe landing! ~Lacey ‘15

The Fall Fest this year was a fun addition to Lehigh-Laf Spirit Week.  As a class officer, it was great to see so many different clubs and organizations participate- even in the cold ~Max ‘16

Make some memories this week because Lehigh-Lafayette is a great time to celebrate our Lehigh spirit.  GO LEHIGH and beat that other school!!


Gryphon Spotlights: October Gryphons of the Month!

The ORL had so many Gryphon nominations this month for the one first year Gryphon of the month and one upperclassmen Gryphon of the month.  It was a tough decision, but the winners are….

Rosie Roessal and Henry Greenfield!

Congrats Rosie and Henry and keep up the great work you’re doing as Gryphons!

Rosie Roessal I’m humbled and honored to be bestowed with the Gryphon of the Month award. If I had an acceptance speech, I would thank my residents, my staff, and my wonderful assistant director Chelsea, without whom this would not have been possible.”

Name: Rosie Roessel
Class Year: 13 / 14G
Major: BS Applied Mathematics / M.Eng. Energy Systems Engineering
Gryphon Area: Camp Warhead- Campus Square C
Why you became a Gryphon: I wanted to become a gryphon so that I could support other students in having great Lehigh experiences. I have absolutely adored my time here, and I love having the opportunity to influence others in a positive way on a daily basis.
Favorite part of Gryphoning: I actually really enjoy going on rounds. I feel like I walk with some extra swag and also this sense of duty and protection for my residents. Walking around all of the buildings is also therapeutic and gets my legs moving if I’ve been studying too long.

Henry Greenfield “I’d like to thank the Academy for this prestigious honor! Shoutout to Dravo/Richards Staff and my residents (old, new and honorary!) :D!”

Class Year: ’12 ’14G(Graduate Student)

Major: Math and Psychology (Masters in Education)
Gryphon Area: Dravo
Why you became a Gryphon:  I became a Gryphon so I could apply all that I’ve learned at Lehigh, and use it to help others adjust and maximize their experience at Lehigh; socially, professionally, academically and socially. We, as Gryphons, are the perfect liaisons to help others find their niche here at Lehigh. Witnessing my own first years take advantage of the resources , gain knowledge about their surroundings and bond with others is what is most exciting. As a freshmen, I didn’t quite have that role model and it was not until Gryphoning, as a graduate student, that I became fully aware of all the connections across Lehigh. Helping others grow and making them feel happy and included is what drives me, in Gryphoning and beyond.
Favorite part of Gryphoning: The platform it provides to meet a ridiculous number of people. Gryphoning, for me, has been socializing on steroids. It forces you out of your comfort zone, and challenges you to be the best version of yourself. It has given me valuable relationships, whether with other Gryphons or residents, but ultimately friends. Hanging out with the guys in my hall, learning from their experiences, informing them about everything at Lehigh and fostering a sense of community. I’ve been particularly thrilled by one of my own who has embarked on Gryphonship with me! Gryphoning has built upon areas of weakness for me: I’m not the most artistic or organized individual but my creative energies have been unleashed, whether in designing Bulletin Boards, door decorations, implementing programs. I might be tired and my room might be a mess from Mario Kart mania, but I’m also smiling and laughing along the way