Thursday Night Trivia!

Welcome back to campus!  The hustle and bustle of campus is back and with that means Thursday Night Trivia!

spring flyer

Trivia nights, for those of you who are missing out, are hosted every Thursday in Hawk’s Nest at 10pm.  There are 6 rounds of different topics each with 5 questions each, bonus questions, and prizes throughout the night.  Hawk’s Nest also has food specials each week!  Tonight, we’re giving away $2 off vouchers for Hawk’s Nest to the first 50 people at trivia.  This is made possible by the Office of Residence Life, Lehigh After Dark, Student Auxiliary Services, Residence Hall Association, and all the groups we’ve partnered with throughout last semester and will partner with this semester!

november 2013 008

This semester, we’re adding a new element to trivia nights!  The team that has the most points at the end of the semester will be given Visa gift cards for each team member (remember each team can have up to 6 members!).  In order to keep track, each team picks a team name and one or two team captains that will stay the same throughout the semester.  At each trivia night you attend, the team name and captain will be recorded so that we can keep track of your point totals from week to week!  Hope to see you at Thursday Night Trivia tonight!


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