Head Gryphon Spotlight

Our Head Gryphon Spotlight of the week is the HG in M&M- Matt Raborn!


And Now: 

Matt Raborn Profile

Area: McClintic-Marshall

Year and Major: 2013 (UG, Industrial Engineering), 2014 (Grad, Management Science & Engineering)

Hometown: Flemington, NJ

One thing I can’t live without: My bed

Favorite movie and/or TV show: Friday Night Lights (the movie and TV show)

Favorite thing about Lehigh: Getting to be involved in so many different things

Favorite thing about Gryphoning: Being able to answer my residents’ questions

Favorite thing about living in a residence hall: Hanging out in the lounges

Favorite Gryphon memory: Choreography and practicing the lip syncs during summer training

Other organizations/activities I am involved in: University Committee on Discipline, Clutch’s Crew, Residential Services, Residence Hall Council, Phi Delta Theta, Admissions Tour Guide (Alum), Association of Student Alumni (Alum), Rossin Junior Fellows (Alum)


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