Living in Upper Cents

The Centennial I complex, also known as Upper Cents, is comprised of six buildings located directly across from the Rathbone Dining Hall.  Congdon, Emery, Leavitt, McConn, Smiley and Thornburg each house 44 students, with 22 students on each floor.  The buildings are co-ed, but the floors are single-gender.  There is a Gryphon on each floor, and one Head Gryphon for the area who lives in McConn. In each room, each student is provided with a desk with desktop bookshelf, desk chair, bed, dresser, medicine cabinet with mirror, and a closet.


cents room 1

cents room

There is one large bathroom on each hall. Additionally, each building has a lobby and lounge, which are great areas to meet new people. Each lounge has a TV and ping pong table, where people can go to hang out and do homework.

cents big lounge cents lounge cents ping pong

Finally, on the ground level of each Upper Cents building, there is a full kitchen available for use by residents.

cents kitchen

Upper Cents is a short walk from Taylor Gym and Rauch business center.


Storage Ideas

Sharing a dorm room with another student can be tight, so here are a few tips for how you can maximize your limited room space!

Loft your bed to free up additional space in your room! All lofting tools and supplies must be supplied and constructed by the resident, but the bed loft can be assembled in the dorm room. Dorm lofting kits can be purchased online or at home goods stores. More information about specifications and policies that you must follow if you choose to loft your bed can be found here

bed loft

-Use bed risers! Risers will give your bed extra height, so you will be able to store additional storage boxes underneath. Check out bedrisers here!

bed risers

-Use command hooks on your closet door and wall to hang extra purses, hats, and towels! Command hooks are very easy to install and will help keep you organized.

command hooks

-Store out of season clothes and miscellaneous items in under bed storage boxes! You will have ample room underneath your bed, and storage boxes are a great way to keep your things organized and out of the way! Stackable boxes are also a great option for under the bed storage.

under bed storage

-Use hanging shoe racks and jewelry organizers! Although you are not allowed to have over the door hangers, you can hang a shoe rack or jewelry organizer in your closet. This will keep your floor from becoming cluttered with shoes.

jewelry organizer

hanging shoe rack

Meet Isabel Buenaga, Former M&M Resident

Screen Shot 2014-06-19 at 11.22.41 AMIsabel Buenaga, a former resident of floor A3 in M&M, is a Global Studies Major/Entrepreneurship Minor from San Juan, Puerto Rico. She is involved in Student Senate and Tour Guiding. Read more about Isabel’s first year experience below!

Freshman year is probably the best experience one will have. I had no idea what to expect once I arrived to Lehigh the first day, but I came to realize that I wasn’t the only one who felt this way. One of the best ways to meet new people and get out of your comfort shell is attending the Club Expo at the beginning of the year. Here all the clubs and organizations have a table offering information. I suggest joining everything that you think might interest and you can narrow down afterwards. Being involved on Lehigh’s campus from Student Senate to Tour Guiding has been one of the best decision’s I have made at Lehigh.

Another great part about Lehigh is getting to live in the freshmen dorms. Dorm-life might not be the most luxurious but it definitely as its up-sides. The fact that all your neighbors are also freshmen helps one create irreplaceable bonds. I lived in M&M my freshmen year and I made some of my best friends here.

Every dorm has their own benefits; I loved M&M’s location, because you just had to walk down to classes and it proximity to the library. I also loved the fact that it was the largest dorm and you where always meeting new people. In the end, no matter where you live, freshmen year will be unforgettable.

Living in McClintic-Marshall House (M&M)

McClintic-Marshall House, aka M&M, is the largest residence hall for first-year students. Located right below the Greek houses, it conveniently overlooks Johnson Hall, the University Center, and Drown Hall. The H-shaped building is named for 1888 graduates Howard McClintic and Charles Marshall, who built the Golden Gate Bridge, the George Washington Bridge, the Waldorf Astoria and the Panama Canal.The entry level of the building has a laundry room, kitchen, and lounge equipped with a ping pong table, pool table, and TV.



Ground floor kitchen

Ground floor kitchen

The other three levels have the rooms for the 280 students who live in M&M. It is a co-ed building, and each floor has a male and female wing with a lounge in between. There are four Gryphons on each floor, two female Gryphons on the women’s side and two male Gryphons on the men’s side. Each wing also has two bathrooms. All of the rooms are doubles furnished with two desks, beds, closets with drawers, medicine cabinets with mirrors, bulletin boards, and storage cabinets.

Furnished double

Furnished double