Living in McClintic-Marshall House (M&M)

McClintic-Marshall House, aka M&M, is the largest residence hall for first-year students. Located right below the Greek houses, it conveniently overlooks Johnson Hall, the University Center, and Drown Hall. The H-shaped building is named for 1888 graduates Howard McClintic and Charles Marshall, who built the Golden Gate Bridge, the George Washington Bridge, the Waldorf Astoria and the Panama Canal.The entry level of the building has a laundry room, kitchen, and lounge equipped with a ping pong table, pool table, and TV.



Ground floor kitchen

Ground floor kitchen

The other three levels have the rooms for the 280 students who live in M&M. It is a co-ed building, and each floor has a male and female wing with a lounge in between. There are four Gryphons on each floor, two female Gryphons on the women’s side and two male Gryphons on the men’s side. Each wing also has two bathrooms. All of the rooms are doubles furnished with two desks, beds, closets with drawers, medicine cabinets with mirrors, bulletin boards, and storage cabinets.

Furnished double

Furnished double




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