Storage Ideas

Sharing a dorm room with another student can be tight, so here are a few tips for how you can maximize your limited room space!

Loft your bed to free up additional space in your room! All lofting tools and supplies must be supplied and constructed by the resident, but the bed loft can be assembled in the dorm room. Dorm lofting kits can be purchased online or at home goods stores. More information about specifications and policies that you must follow if you choose to loft your bed can be found here

bed loft

-Use bed risers! Risers will give your bed extra height, so you will be able to store additional storage boxes underneath. Check out bedrisers here!

bed risers

-Use command hooks on your closet door and wall to hang extra purses, hats, and towels! Command hooks are very easy to install and will help keep you organized.

command hooks

-Store out of season clothes and miscellaneous items in under bed storage boxes! You will have ample room underneath your bed, and storage boxes are a great way to keep your things organized and out of the way! Stackable boxes are also a great option for under the bed storage.

under bed storage

-Use hanging shoe racks and jewelry organizers! Although you are not allowed to have over the door hangers, you can hang a shoe rack or jewelry organizer in your closet. This will keep your floor from becoming cluttered with shoes.

jewelry organizer

hanging shoe rack


One thought on “Storage Ideas

  1. Are there any students or an outside company that is currently building lofts for new students? I’m thinking I would like a loft to maximize the room.

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