Living in Upper Cents

The Centennial I complex, also known as Upper Cents, is comprised of six buildings located directly across from the Rathbone Dining Hall.  Congdon, Emery, Leavitt, McConn, Smiley and Thornburg each house 44 students, with 22 students on each floor.  The buildings are co-ed, but the floors are single-gender.  There is a Gryphon on each floor, and one Head Gryphon for the area who lives in McConn. In each room, each student is provided with a desk with desktop bookshelf, desk chair, bed, dresser, medicine cabinet with mirror, and a closet.


cents room 1

cents room

There is one large bathroom on each hall. Additionally, each building has a lobby and lounge, which are great areas to meet new people. Each lounge has a TV and ping pong table, where people can go to hang out and do homework.

cents big lounge cents lounge cents ping pong

Finally, on the ground level of each Upper Cents building, there is a full kitchen available for use by residents.

cents kitchen

Upper Cents is a short walk from Taylor Gym and Rauch business center.


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