Meet Simone Cotton, Former Upper Cents Resident

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Meet Simone Cotton, a rising sophomore who will be a Gryphon in Upper Cents this year! Simone, a Human Resource Management major & Spanish minor from Lawrenceville, NJ, is a former resident of Congdon House.
Hello Class of 2018! I am more than excited to meet you and help you with your first year experience! Last year, my gryphon Amanda was someone who could answer my questions, give great advice, and talk to me as a friend. Now, as a Gryphon this year in Williams Lower Cents, I want to pass down the guidance to you!
 For my first year, I lived in Congdon Upper Cents! I truly loved my experience living there. I had one roommate Karen who I met while applying to Lehigh and we turned out to be great friends, I was more than lucky to find someone who I’ll be long term friends with. Like any of the Upper Cents dorms, you’ll be one of twenty two students on your floor, forty four in total plus two Gryphons. The two floors became very close and I made friends from many different walks of life. During this first year, the students you live with become your first set of friends, so it’s always a good idea to get to know as many of them as possible.  Coming from a small private high school with 100 graduating seniors, I didn’t have many friends but I knew I wanted to change that coming to Lehigh. I went to different events with my peers and began to branch out meeting new people. Yes it can be scary going out of your comfort zone, but there are so many amazing opportunities that can happen when you take the first step!
Living in Upper Cents during your first year has many benefits. For starters, how many students get to live right across from Rathbone dining hall? This will come in handy during snow days and when you’re in a rush. I seriously love Rathbone’s food, especially the morning omelets made by Anthony. It’s always a good idea to make friends with those who work in the dining halls, learn their names- they are people too and you never know how they can help you out in the future because you simply say hello to them each day. Another upside to living in Upper Cents is being connected to another residence hall, which means more friends! Both of the centennials are close to the gym, so there’s no excuse to skip a workout (plus it will give you more energy for the day!)
However with every set of pros that Upper Cents gave me, there were some things I did not like. Once at the bottom of the mountain near Fairchild- Martindale Library and the bookstore, thinking of walking back up to the Cents made me wish for a car on campus. To get around this problem, I took the bus uphill to Drown Hall and walked the rest of the way, five minutes on a flat sidewalk. I also did not like living in the farthest building on campus, Congdon/ Emery, but once I got inside I loved talking to whoever was in the lounge playing ping pong or watching a movie.
Overall, I had an amazing first year experience! I ran for a class office position, hosted as an MC for an event, joined new clubs I never thought I would have liked. This year as well as being a Gryphon I am Director of Broadway for University Productions- Arts & Excursions as well as a Camp Hawk Counselor! By going out of my comfort zone during my first year, I was able to accomplish many of my goals and create paths for my future at Lehigh! Make the most of living in Upper Cents, you’ll only get this chance once!

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