Meet Eden Weinflash, former Richards resident

Screen Shot 2014-07-10 at 9.27.38 AMMeet Eden Weinflash, a rising sophomore who is pursuing a Psychology major and Business minor in the 5-year BA/MA Education Program. As a Richards House resident, Eden was involved with Residence Hall Council, and will be a Gryphon in Stoughton next year.

It’s hard to believe that just a year ago I was getting ready to begin my first year at Lehigh. I was feeling everything incoming students usually feel: nerves, excitement, and lots of anxiety (you’re not alone!). After getting my housing placement, I immediately turned to my best friend—the Internet—to see what Richards House was all about. My first thought was Oh my god,of course my dorm is on the top of the mountain. But, after accepting the fact that I might be out of breath for the first few weeks, I came to the conclusion that my dorm life would be whatever I’d make of it. I knew I had to go in with an open mind in order to soak up all that Lehigh—and my residence hall—had to offer.

Richards was an amazing place to begin my college career. It is the smallest of the residence hall complexes, so I can safely say I knew a good portion of my fellow dorm mates. It also has two lounges: one for studying and one for, well, lounging! Although at times it was hard to distinguish between the two (college kids love lounging more than they love studying…), these rooms were great places to meet and bond with everyone in Richards.

I immediately got involved with Richards’ Residence Hall Council, a resident-run activities committee, similar to my high school’s student government. We had the opportunity to plan events for our dorm, through which even more bonding occurred! We had a Super Bowl party, a Halloween event where the three floors of boys went to the girls’ floor to trick-or-treat, a cactus-decorating party, and even an awards show at the end of the year! Our RHC worked hard to make sure everyone in Richards was having a good time, and it definitely paid off. Get involved with your RHC in the fall, or even just attend events; you won’t regret it.

Although I love Richards, and everyone has true pride in their respective residence halls, it’s important to remember how close you are to all the other first-year halls! Dravo is just a few steps up the mountain, and I made a lot of my best friends there. We’re lucky that Lehigh’s campus is tight enough that we can walk to any of our friends’ dorms; take advantage of that!

Good luck in preparing for (and beginning) your first year at Lehigh, class of 2018! With an open mind and a good attitude, you’ll definitely have the time of your life.


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