Meet Samantha Tomaszewski, former Dravo resident


Meet Samantha Tomaszewski, a rising sophomore majoring in journalism who lived in Dravo on B4 her first year at Lehigh, and will be a Gryphon on B3 this year. Samantha is a class officer, writer for the Brown and White, and co-host of Lehigh’s radio station.

People say the freshman fifteen doesn’t exist at Lehigh, and it especially doesn’t exist if you live in Dravo. I remember being shocked when I heard that the building didn’t have an elevator and I was going to be living on the fourth floor.

So how did I survive all the stairs? And more importantly, how could I be crazy enough to want to live there again as a Gryphon next year? It certainly was tough… My best strategy was to walk up to my dorm with a friend, I would spend so much time focusing on our conversation that the climb would seem to fly by. It can get hot – especially on the higher floors – so make sure to bring a fan!

It’s important to keep busy – more than half the time I was outside my dorm, studying in the library or hanging out around campus. If I knew that I had a few classes and then a meeting, I’d pack up all of my things for the day and save myself a few trips back to my room.

I liked it because it forced me to not always run back and isolate myself in my dorm. I found cool places on campus to hang out between classes and even got some work done in my downtime. I also made a lot of use of the bus – download the Lehigh Live app, it’s really helpful for checking what stop the bus is at.

But don’t get me wrong, I absolutely loved my dorm. It’s a great size – my hall was made up of 18 girls. I was surprised when my friend who lived in M&M told me there were 50 girls on her hall. I lived in a CHOICE community, which I will be a Gryphon for this coming year, which put me in touch with a lot of like-minded people who I probably never would have met otherwise. It made for an extremely positive living experience.

Even though the halls are divided into small groups, the building itself is pretty large. There are some people who lived in my building that I never even met. So my advice would be to go to any and all events to help meet people who may not live near your hall. I ended up meeting one of my best friends halfway through the year and found out that he’d been living two floors below me the whole time.

Dravo is in a great location too – it’s close to Hawk’s Nest and it’s close to Taylor Gym, for when you regret those late night junk food runs. It’s close to both Cort and Rathbone.

So even if all the stairs intimidate you, stay strong. I loved living there and I can’t wait to live there again this year! No matter the season, the view is always worth it.





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