Meet Alex Wiedorn: Former Gryphon and Graduate Assistant of Residence Life


My name is Alex Wiedorn and it’s hard to believe that this will be my last year at Lehigh!  I graduated in May 2013 with my undergrad degree in Chemical Engineering and will graduate in May 2015 with my Masters of Engineering in Management Science & Engineering.  I think most people would describe me as someone who bleeds Brown & White, so I will definitely cherish all my Lehigh moments this next year.

Way back when, I moved in to Richards my first year and remember meeting the Richards Gryphons.  They were so helpful and continue to be some of my closest friends from Lehigh!  They were such good Gryphons, I wanted to be one too.  I was a Gryphon in Lower Cents my sophomore year and Richards my junior year (shout out to my Cents and Richards/Drinker staffs!!).  As an undergrad, I was a Rossin Junior Fellow for the engineering school mentoring other engineering students and recruiting future Lehigh engineers.  My senior year, I was also involved with the Admissions Office as an Admissions Fellow interviewing prospective students and sharing my Lehigh story with them.

Last year, I was the Graduate Assistant in the Office of Residence Life and had the support of the ORL and Lehigh After Dark to start Thursday Night Trivia!  I’m so happy that it has been so successful and grateful for the wonderful Lehigh club co-sponsors each week.  A special thanks to my trivia regulars for all your help in making it a success!

I’ve had the pleasure of working with so many great people, organizations, and offices over my time here at Lehigh.  Lehigh is an amazing place; it is a great place to learn, meet interesting people from all different backgrounds, and grow.  There are more opportunities than you can imagine on South Mountain and I hope you take advantage of them and make the most of your time at Lehigh!


Meet Gryphon Athlete Leah Paulson!

My name is  Leah Paulson. I’m the Head Gryphon in M&M this year. After having been in Sayre, Campus Square & Trembley, all upperclassman housing, I’m really excited to be in a first year area for the first time! I graduated in May with a BA in Global Studies & Spanish & a minor in Latin American Studies and I am back for a victory lap to get my Masters thanks to a Presidential Scholarship! I will graduate this coming May with an MEd (Masters in Education) in Globalization & Educational Change which includes a TESOL (Teaching English as a Second Language) certificate. I’ve gotten a few academic awards in the College of Arts & Sciences and was the only Global Studies graduate with departmental honors thanks to my thesis.
I walked on to the Women’s Rowing Team my sophomore year, was co-captain last year, and still have eligibility to row this year as a grad student which is awesome. I was named to the Academic All-Patriot League Team the past 2 years along with receiving the Faculty Athletics Council Award and PL Academic Honor Roll every season, and my team’s Scholar Athlete Award my junior year. I’m on the Student Athlete Council this year and have been a part of the Leadership Legacies program (for leadership in athletics) both last year and this year. I was also the president of the Residence Hall Association the past 2 years & VP the year before that, and got the RHA character award at the SLLA’s last year which was really cool!
I am still figuring out what I want to do after this year, but I definitely want to use my Spanish and possibly want to work in Latin America in a Fulbright-esque situation. No matter where I end up, I want to be using what I’m good at to help people!

Meet Gryphon Athlete Xandra “X” Yantzi

Hello reader, Lehigh, and the residence world of South Mountain Campus. My name is Xandra Yantzi, but you may know me as X. I simply cannot believe that this will be my fifth year on campus. Moving in to Dravo freshmen year is a memory still very fresh in my mind and my Lehigh adventure has been nothing short of spectacular; albeit, it has been challenging. But what’s life without a little challenge? 

I graduated with a double major, English and French, with the Class of 2014 (woop woop) this past spring. I am currently working toward my Masters of Secondary English Education. 

Without a little orange ball and a ten foot hoop, I never would have been given the opportunity to come to Lehigh. I started playing basketball when I was 8 years old, and if Michael Jordan was the best to play, my skill level was quite possibly at the other end of the spectrum. However, I loved the game and still do to this day. As years flew by, I worked hard, learned, and got a lot better, and the fall of my senior year, I decided to take my talents to South Mountain. 

Ball may be life, but I am no Lebron. I came to Lehigh excited to belong to a team and family.

            This year I will be on the Lehigh Rowing team! I am very excited. I have never been in a row boat before, and I couldn’t tell you about the first thing on maneuvering an oar, but I can’t wait to experience the meaning of teamwork in a completely new form. I know my love for basketball has always stemmed from teamwork and the beauty of some dishes and dimes to a bucket. That beauty would never come to fruition, if I didn’t have my teammates and friends. 

            I love people.  I love Lehigh because it gave me the opportunity to meet many amazing people, and be more than a basketball player. I was an Orientation Leader for two years. I have taken part in some spoken word groups and events. I love helping out in the Office of Multicultural Affairs, and I’m always down to try something or meet someone that I never have before. Lehigh has opened so many doors for me and granted me the ability to consider new perspectives, and I am a better person for it. Of course, I am still learning about myself and the world around me. And that is also a beautiful thing. 

Some of my proudest and humbling moments at Lehigh have been during Student Life Leadership Award ceremonies. My junior year, I was awarded the Ujima Award, and my senior year, the Debbie Pearsall Award. Both times I was in awe with the love I felt from my Lehigh community. These awards were so important for me, because I saw them as a reflection of the people that stand beside me on this campus. We are all not perfect, but I know for a fact that I never could have won those awards had I not been supported and loved by faculty, coaches, staff, my peers, and friends. 

I use the word love a lot, and I think it will be a lifelong thing for me to seriously understand all that the word entails. But I do know that love is everywhere, and this campus will only continue to grow and find success the more we open ourselves to the idea of loving each other. 

One day, I hope to pass on my love to a classroom, as I would love to be a teacher. I plan to coach one day, and give back the gift of basketball and its opportunities to younger players. But above all, I hope to always learn, love and grow, and keep those around me happy, be it with a smile, a hug, or support. 

But anyway, If you see me around campus, say hi! I may beat you to it, but I’m not hard to miss. I’m the 6’5 girl dancing around campus. Literally. Dancing. Headphones on and all. I don’t bite, and I’d love to talk about anything from music, to sports, to the Lehigh Squirrels, to the color green, to what Rathbone served for dinner. Whatever. 

I hope everyone has an awesome year, and I hope everyone in their own individual way learns, loves and grows. I’m sure I’ll see you around.