Lehigh After Dark: Trivia Night!

Lehigh after Dark or LAD is a new program at Lehigh University created for students who are looking for alternative options on their Thursday, Friday and Saturday Nights. Lehigh students, drinkers and nondrinkers, voiced a very strong interest in attending Lehigh after Dark events. Some of these events include, a capella concerts, battle of the bands, arts and crafts, games, and most importantly, TRIVIA NIGHT!

Lehigh after Dark’s goal is to support a healthier student lifestyle by offering programs and activities that remove the focus on alcohol and drugs while still creating a vibrant and exciting social environment for Lehigh!

Trivia Night has done an amazing job with this! Trivia Night, which occurs every Thursday at 10:00pm at Hawks Nest, is an event that students attend every week! It ranges from 60 people to 116 people attending every week! This event has given students another way of having clean and competitive fun with their friends!

My name is Christina Okoye and I am the Graduate Assistant of Residence Life! I am the second Graduate Assistant of residence life and I am the point person of trivia! Alex Wiedorn was the first Graduate Assistant of Residence LifeĀ  and the first to ever hostĀ  trivia nights last year She has done an AMAZING job of putting Trivia Night together! Let me give you a little bit about how trivia works:

In trivia, there are a total of six rounds with five questions in each round. Every round can consist of different topics. For example, on Octoer 2nd 2014, the Gryphon Society had a fall themed trivia with topics ranging from fall foods to fall movies. In addition to 6 trivia rounds, there is also a WHO AM I Round. At the end of each trivia round, a clue is given about a person. Teams can guess as many times as they want. The earlier a team guesses correctly the more points they will get. Some hosts will add a music bingo to their trivia. The music bingo has songs that will be played throughout the night and teams have to pick which song is getting played. The first three teams who win music bingo get points! Prizes will be given to the top team at the end of Round 3 and at the end of Trivia. Round 3 winners get to choose from LAD prizes. These can be from glow in the dark Frisbees to LAD t-shirts, tanks, and long- sleeved shirts. The final winning team gets bookstore prizes.

As the point person for trivia and the Graduate Assistant of Residence Life, we are always looking for other organizations to collaborate with us to host a trivia night! This is great way to get your name out there, as well as, market your organization! If you have any questions about hosting a trivia night, please contact me: cuo213@lehigh.edu! You can start booking to host a trivia night for the spring semester now!

I look forward to hearing from you all soon! Thanks for taking the time to read this!