Meet October Gryphon of the Month and Head Gryphon Lacey Quinn!

Lacey Quinn has been a long time Gryphon and has done so many remarkable things in First Year Housing as well as Upperclassmen housing. She is currently the Head Gryphon of Taylor in a staff called the Village. I asked her a few questions I asked her so people could get to know her better:
What do you study as an Undergraduate? Marketing Major
What activities were/ are involved in? Marketing Club Pres., Lehigh Says NO MORE, Graphic Design for offices on campus
Any awards/accomplishments you have done: Lambda Mu Sigma Marketing Honors and Deans List
Why did you become a Head Gryphon? I wanted to have the opportunity to give back to an organization that has helped shape who I developed into while at Lehigh. I also enjoy having the opportunity to bring out the best in others.
What do you plan on doing after Lehigh: Taking care of business!! I’ll be working for BASF in their Professional Development Program (rotational) and traveling throughout the US
What advice would you give to current students about Lehigh? Don’t be afraid to change directions and take risks! There will always be people who want to put their 2 cents in on any decisions you might make, but remember- you know yourself better than anyone else does!
Lacey Quinn was awarded Gryphon of the month for October. Gryphon of the Month goes to a Gryphon who goes up and beyond to make his or her community as well as colleagues is the best it can be. Gryphons nominate who they believe deserves the award and the ORL staff makes the final decision.  This is what a fellow Gryphon had to say about Lacey:
“Lacey goes above and beyond as a gryphon. First of all she has already had a lot to deal with on our hall. There was a certain event last week with a resident that Lacey handled very professionally. Lacey ended up pulling an all nighted that night trying to help better the situation. She was just going to sleep as I was getting up. Lacey is so giving with her time and compassion, and our residents have even commented on how easy she is to talk to. Additionally we had a hall meeting last night to address a hall bulimia issue. Lacey ran the meeting so professionally and really showed how supportive she was of all the residents. After the meeting residents came to lacey’s room to talk about the issue, and I was just so impressed with how Lacey is able to so effortlessly make residents feel comfortable and at ease when talking about sticky topics and issues.
Lacey is a phenomenal gryphon, and I think that fact that we have built a small community in upperclassmen residents hall speaks volumes of Lacey’s giftedness.”
Thank you Lacey for being so awesome! Your hard work has not go unnoticed!

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