Meet the RHA and RHC!


The day that a Lehigh student moves into a residence hall is the day that they automatically become a member of their building’s Hall Council. Each Residence Hall Council (RHC) is headed by a president, vice president, treasurer, secretary, and advocacy coordinator. The RHCs advocate for their members, as well as plan events like movie nights, barbecues, and more. The hall’s Head Gryphon advises the Residence Hall Council, which is guided by the overarching Residence Hall Association (RHA).

The Residence Hall Association is comprised of students from all residential areas and various years. Their purpose is to improve the quality of the residence halls through social and educational programming, advocacy, and leadership development. Similar to the RHCs, the RHA executive board plans events for students, though on a much larger scale. Past events have included trips to NYC or Philadelphia, ice skating, bowling, midnight movie premieres, and the annual Rock the Quad. Rock the Quad is held at the end of every school year and includes free T-shirts, a DJ, cook-out food, inflatable obstacle course, games, airbrush and glitter tattoos, and a photo booth.


The RHA executive board elections are held in February to elect the next year’s board. To serve on the executive board, you must have served on a RHC for at least one year and must live in a residence hall. The 2016-2017 RHA executive board is: President Angela Young, Vice President  Eden Weinflash, Secretary Bryant Lindsay, Treasurer Winston La, Public Relations Chair Katie Teitelbaum, Advocacy Chair Allen Chan.

The RHC officers for each residence hall are elected in September and serve throughout the academic year. Applications for officer positions are sent out in early September via email.


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