Meet the Head Gryphons: Dakota DiMattio

Meet Dakota DiMattio, Head Gryphon of Farrington Square and this week’s featured Head Gryphon!

DiMattio_Dakota (1)

  • Preferred Name: Dakota
  • Gender Pronouns: She, Her, Hers
  • Hometown: Wilton, CT
  • One thing I can’t live without: Bread
  • Favorite Movie: Sleeping Beauty
  • Favorite TV Show:  Suits
  • Favorite thing about Lehigh: The rich traditions
  • Favorite thing about being a Gryphon: Meeting new people
  • Favorite thing about living in a residence hall: Being surrounded by friends
  • Favorite thing about Bethlehem: The history
  • One thing on my Lehigh bucket list: See the Packer Memorial Church catacombs
  • Fun Fact: I’ve climbed Machu Picchu




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