Residence Hall Spotlight: Dravo House


Dravo House is one of the largest residence halls on Lehigh’s campus, housing over 250 first-year students. The residence hall was named after two brothers, Ralph M. Dravo, Class of 1889, and Francis F. Dravo, Class of 1887, who founded the Dravo Corporation international construction company in Pittsburgh.

The five-story residence hall contains double and single rooms, as well as a few triples. While the building is co-ed, the floors are single-gender. Students living in Dravo will find that all of the rooms contain moveable furniture, including a bed, mattress, desk, desk chair, and closet with drawers and shelves for each student. Some rooms contain an AC, but please note that not all do. 



The first floor of Dravo houses a TV lounge, game room, vending machines, and a laundry facility. Below, the ground floor contains a large programming lounge equipped with a TV, kitchen, and study facilities. 




Dravo is home to the CHOICE themed community. CHOICE is a community for healthy, substance-free living and active engagement. Pete Costa, Director of Health Advancement and Prevention Strategies, advises the themed community and helps the Gryphons plan events to promote a sense of community.

Each of the residence halls is managed by a full-time, Master’s-level professional who supervises the Gryphon staff (remember Head Gryphon Divya?) in addition to central office responsibilities and planning. Amanda Slichter, an Assistant Director of Residence Life, oversees both Dravo and Richards House. Amanda lives in an embedded apartment in Dravo so that in case of an on-campus emergency she can respond quickly.

Her favorite thing about living in Dravo? “The view from the front of Dravo is beautiful, especially at sunset!” says Amanda. A piece of advice she offers residents is to learn the layout. “The building layout is comprised of the A, B, C, and D wings. When looking at the front of Dravo, it starts from the left with the A-wing. From the inside it can be a little disorienting at first, but residents acclimate quickly. It’s also helpful to know that many amenities are in the middle of the building (B-wing) on the first floor immediately inside the main lobby (laundry, vending machines, gender inclusive restroom, the Gryphon office, game room, ice machine, etc.)”
We cannot wait for Dravo’s first-year students to move in and start to call this wonderful place their home away from home!


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