Residence Hall Spotlight: McClintic-Marshall House


McClintic-Marshall House resides South of Johnson Hall, next to Taylor House, and is conveniently near the University Center. Commonly referred to as M&M, McClintic-Marshall is named after two Lehigh graduates, Howard McClintic and Charles Marshall. The Class of 1888 grads built the Golden Gate Bridge, the George Washington Bridge, the Waldorf Astoria Hotel, and the Panama Canal.


The H-shaped building houses 280 students, who all live in doubles throughout the three floors. M&M is separated into A and B wings, with each side being a single gender hall, that have a shared lounge between them. All of the shared lounges have a TV, couch, comfy chairs, and a table with chairs that many students use to study together.



Each resident has a bed, a mattress, a desk with shelves and a chair, a closet, a bulletin board, and a medicine cabinet with a mirror. One side of the room will have 2 sets of cabinets, which roommates can share between them. All rooms are air conditioned and have a switch to change the temperature.



In the residence hall, there is a lounge area directly inside the main entrance. To one side of that lounge there is a larger programming lounge with a kitchen, game room, and vending machines, and on the other side remains the laundry room.


This year, McClintic-Marshall is also home to the Outdoor Adventure and STEM themed communities. The Outdoor Adventure community promotes outdoor sports and activities, such as weekend camping trips, hiking, skiing, and themed movie nights. Partially sponsored by the Howard Hughes Medical Institute, the STEM community offers programming, peer-to-peer mentoring, and faculty advising to support the students’ leadership development in their chosen field. Although select activities are reserved only for those living in the specific themed community, others will be open for all students living in M&M to participate.


Each of the residence halls is managed by a full-time, Master’s-level professional who supervises the Gryphon staff in addition to central office responsibilities and planning. Ethan Fields, an Assistant Director of Residence Life, oversees both McClintic-Marshall and Drinker House. Ethan lives in an embedded apartment in M&M so that in case of an on-campus emergency he can respond quickly.


What advice does Ethan have for students living in M&M next year? “(1) Have an open door policy as much as possible. You will really get to know people by just reaching out to the residents who pass by your door. (2) Spend time in the common spaces in your building. Your peers are your greatest resource. (3) Get to know your Gryphon and the rest of the Gryphons in your building. Gryphons are here to help and to make the community a better place to live. (4) Utilize the basketball court in between Drinker and M&M for pick-up games. (5) Run for your area’s Residence Hall Council to serve as a leader in your community. Through RHC, you have access to funds to put on programming for your community and you will serve as the voice of the community to the Residence Hall Association and greater campus.”

We can’t wait until MOOV-In day to see all of the new M&M residents!


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