Residence Hall Spotlight: Centennial II Complex


The Centennial II complex resides on the easternmost region of campus, below Centennial I complex and Rathbone dining hall. Commonly referred to as Lower Cents, the complex is made up of six individual buildings arranged in a quadrangle, surrounding a grass courtyard and volleyball pit.

Beardslee House was named for Dr. Claude G. Beardslee, who served as chaplain from 1931 to 1947. Carothers was named for Dr. Neil Carothers, the dean of business. Palmer House was named after Dr. Philip M. Palmer, who was the dean of the arts. The Rt. Rev. William Bacon Stevens was a Protestant Episcopal bishop of the Diocese of Pennsylvania and the first president of the university board of trustees, as well as the principal architect of the university’s original academic plan, thus Stevens House was named for him. Stoughton House was named for Dr. Bradley Stoughton, the dean of the engineering college for three years in the 1930’s. Williams House was named after Dr. Clement C. Williams, the president of the university from 1935 to 1944.


Each of the residence halls houses between 44 and 45 students, who live on single-gender floors. Students live mostly in doubles, with a few triples and quads that have private bathrooms. All rooms are equipped with a bed, mattress, desk, desk chair, bookshelf, dresser, closet, and medicine cabinet with a mirror.


The first floor of each building hosts a lounge area that features a TV room, game room, kitchen, and two study areas. The laundry facility is located underneath Stoughton House. Lower Cents is also in close proximity to Taylor Gym and Zoellner Arts Center.


This year, Lower Cents is also home to the ArtsAlive themed community. ArtsAlive connects students to the arts on campus and in the Bethlehem community through programming and trips to the Zoellner Arts Center, ArtsQuest, Banana Factory, Touchstone Theatre, Godfrey Daniels, and other venues in the Lehigh Valley, New York City, and Philadelphia.


Each of the residence halls is managed by a full-time, Master’s-level professional who supervises the Gryphon staff in addition to central office responsibilities and planning. Lou Gardiner, an Assistant Director of Residence Life, oversees both Centennial I and II complexes. Lou lives in an embedded apartment in the Centennial II complex so that in case of an on-campus emergency he can respond quickly.


Lou is new to the Office of Residence Life staff, having joined this June. So what is he looking forward to this year? “What I’m most looking forward to this year is working with the AWESOME ResLife and DOS (Dean of Students) team as well as the Gryphons. Since I started in June, everyone has been so great to work with and so welcoming. With our diverse experiences and personalities, I know that our crew is going to do some big things this year! I’m also looking forward to experiencing and living in a new area and institution. So far, I’ve really been loving the Lehigh Valley and all it has to offer.”

Less than a month until MOOV-In day! We can’t wait for new students to call Lower Cents home!


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