Meet the Head Gryphons: Luis Castaneda


  • Preferred name: Luis
  • Gender pronouns: he/him/his
  • Residence Hall: Taylor House
  • Year and major: ’16 Pharmaceutical Chemistry, ’17 Physics and M.S. Chemistry
  • Hometown: Reading, PA
  • One thing I can’t live without: Whatever is next in the Pokemon Game series
  • Favorite movie: Coneheads
  • Favorite TV show: Orphan Black
  • Favorite thing about Lehigh: The Sculpture Garden
  • Favorite thing about being a Gryphon: Peer mentoring and the chance to introduce new events and ideas to people
  • Favorite thing about living in a residence hall: Close communities and easy access to many other hall communities
  • Favorite thing about Bethlehem: Full of Crepe
  • One thing on your Lehigh bucket list: Go to a wrestling match for the first time
  • Other clubs and organizations: Society of Physics Students (SPS), Spectrum
  • Fun fact about myself: I played semi-professional ping pong for a short time in my teenage years.

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