Building Profile: Campus Square

Stats: Campus Square, an upper-class apartment complex, houses 244 students.  The co-ed buildings is divided into two-, three-, and four-person single-gender suites.  There are six Gryphons who serve the four-building complex.

Each apartment features single bedrooms as well as a living room furnished with a lounge chair, sofa, coffee table, end table, lamp and a TV cart. The kitchen includes a refrigerator/freezer, an oven and a range. A table and two chairs are provided in the dining area. Furniture in each bedroom includes a bed, desk, desk chair, bookshelf, dresser and a closet.  Check out floor plans here!

The sister areas of Campus Square are Brodhead and Warren Square.

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The People

Your roommates are really the people you’ll get to know. Building community doesn’t come as naturally as in first-year residence halls, but keep your doors open and attend the programs the Gryphons hold!  This will help you get to know other people in the building and make the most of the Campus Square community!

The Rooms

Campus Square is divided into four parts, A through D. Each building has an elevator, and there are lounges on each floor. There are also washing machines and dryers on every floor, making laundry very convenient.

Rooms in Campus Square are apartment-style, with several single bedrooms, a bathroom, kitchen and living room. Some room have four bedrooms, while others have two or three. The bedrooms each have a bed, desk with drawers, and a spacious closet with shelves and drawers. These rooms are not as large as those in some of the other buildings, but certainly roomy enough to encompass all of your belongings. Making the rooms seem even bigger is the space provided by the rest of the room. The living room is rather large, with a sofa, chair, coffee table, end tables, and TV stand. A kitchen table and four chairs fit nicely into the space, as well. The kitchen is connected to the living room. There is plenty of cabinet space and appliances include a stove and refrigerator, as well as a sink. Though the rooms do not come with a microwave, there is a good amount of counter space to fit one if desired. Down the hall is a private bathroom for the suite that is cleaned every month. There is a large closet in the hallway, and some shelves across from the bathroom. There is cable in every bedroom as well as the living room. Most of the suite, aside from the bathroom and kitchen, is carpeted.

The Location

Campus Square is conveniently located near the new post office, Johnny’s, and the bookstore, as well as many off campus restaurants and stores. Several class buildings are a close walk, though buildings at the top of campus are a bit of a walk. The bus stop on Packer Ave. is relatively close, making it easy to get to the top of campus and Iacocca. Fair-Mart is close, a short walk back after studying late. The Fud Truck is often parked nearby, and Brodhead dining hall is also close by, making it a good option for students with meal plans.


Bathroom Rug
Ice trays

By Megan Robertson, Ciera Rosario, and Rachel Whittemore, all Class of 2014 and residents of Campus Square for the 2012-2013 academic year.




Assistant Director Spotlight: Kate Conway


Area: McClintic & Marshall House and Drinker House

Undergraduate institution: Arcadia University, BFA Interior Design

Graduate institution: University of Delaware, MA Counseling in Higher Education with a concentration in Student Affairs Practice

Dream vacation: If I could go anywhere, I would go to Hawaii. It is beautiful and has both activities to relax and explore – the perfect vacation combination.

Favorite food: If you know me at all, you know that I love PIZZA! I do not discriminate – I like it all, delivery, frozen, homemade…

Favorite thing about Bethlehem: I really love the industrial history of this area and I love that the area pays tribute to that past with areas like Steel Stacks.

What I do in my free time: In my free time I love reading, watching movies, spending time with family and friends, and bowling.

One thing you want to tell the residents of your area: Make the best of your time in college. It is a great time in your life when you are surrounded with friends all the time!

This is my second year working at Lehigh. I am one of the Assistant Directors of Residence Life and I oversee M&M and Drinker Houses. I live here with my fiancé, Dave and our dog, Molly. You can find me in my office in M&M or in Warren Square E, My office number is 610-758-2555 but email is even better: kec711@lehigh.